You've gotta love Africa

You've gotta love Africa
Elder Chambers and Elder Kivaya in Oda

Going to Save the World

Going to Save the World
Elder Donovan Chambers

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

13 February 2012

Its raining here :) for the first time in probably 2 months! it was kinda lame this morning, because the wind was blowing really hard and it made it hard to play football, but the rain is pretty sweet! this afternoon we went to a guys house to play in his basement. it was the biggest house ive ever been in! he had a racket ball court in his basement and a swimming pool with waterfalls and a crazy good view of the Strip! and he gave us a ride in his Mclaren SLR. its really fast. like a nascar. we didnt go that fast though cause we were in his neighborhood.

earlyer this week we had zone conference. that was pretty cool cause i got to see all the elders from my old zone. and i found out that Rick is getting baptized next month! so hopefully i'll be able to go to that! Elders Larsen and Palmer and I all hand-sewed our own ties. they are legit and were a big hit at zone conference :)

Nelson is getting closer to his baptism! its pretty cool to see how excited he is! hopefully everything works out. I'm a little worried because he hasn't been able to come to church in OUR ward. and if he doesn't make it to our ward, he cant be baptised into our ward, which is what he wants and is expecting. ultimately it doesn't matter too much as long as he gets baptized and he's excited about it.

This coming weekend is transfers. so we'll get transfer calls sometime this week. and next monday is some sort of holiday (presidents day i think) so we wont be emailing then. so next Tuesday or Wednesday when i get to email you i'll tell you what happens with transfers :) both elder larsen and i kinda feel like hes gonna go. not for any reason, thats just what we're thinking. we're probably wrong though lol.

Have a wonderful week!

-elder donovan :)

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