You've gotta love Africa

You've gotta love Africa
Elder Chambers and Elder Kivaya in Oda

Going to Save the World

Going to Save the World
Elder Donovan Chambers

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

30 May 2011

Hey everybody! We are really late today so I don't have much time to write. We went to the market at central Accra today so Elder Kanu could buy some stuffs. He got some luggage and clothes. Then it poured rain all afternoon and we were stuck in traffic all evening. We had some jollof rice at a members and just now got some small time at the cafe. I hope everything is going great for you guys. We had a pretty good week last week. A lot of failed appointments since all of our teaching pool are new investigators, but even though we were a bit tired it was a nice week overall. It looks like we will hopefully have some people prepared for baptism by the end of june, but it's still going to be a lot of work to get there. Teshie seems like it'll be a cool area and a good ward once we get used to everything and have some solid people to teach. Love you guys, Elder Chambers

Monday, May 23, 2011

23 May 2011

How's everybody? I hope you guys are getting ready for summer. This week it seemed like Elder Kanu and I had to go through a lot of hardship, but for some reason we were cheerful and hardworking throughout. On Tuesday after district meeting the office elders brought us some supposedly working bicycles. I say supposedly, because we spent almost the whole of tuesday and half of wednesday repairing mine. Which used up all of my money. Then since we had no records from the missionaries that left we started spending all of our time contacting and finding people to teach. Which means a lot of walking/biking in the sun and a lot of failed appointments. By the end of the week though we were able to increase our teaching pool from 0 to 18 so that's not so bad. On friday the APs came for a leadership training and were supposed to give our district leader the money to reimburse me for repairing the bike, but they said they'd do it the next time they came. I had no money, and I ate the last of my stew and rice for breakfast friday, so for friday, saturday, and sunday I borrowed flour from the other elders and mixed it with water and fried it to make unleavened bread. I also ate the instant mashed potatoes you guys sent. And drank water. Good thing today we got our subsistence... The last thing that happened was that on Sunday it poured rain in the morning so no one, members and investigators alike, came to church. And we got beat by the rain and mud on our shirts. We met a lot of people during the week that I'm excited to teach and help. I love you guys. Love, Elder Chambers

Monday, May 16, 2011

16 May 2011

I hope you guys are all doing great. First of all I got a package from you. Thanks so much! I've loved the candy and pictures and expect to love everything else in there before this week is over. Elder Haggard also loved the candy and I think he sent you a thank you letter. This last week I was with Elder Haggard throughout. It was a fun week doing finding and getting to know Elder Haggard. At the transfers we were left together in Alajo and Elder Hunsaker was transferred out of the apartment and Elder Mutuku was transferred in. Things are looking up in Alajo. We have a lot of cool investigators in the teaching pool and really focused people/families that are committed to baptism. Even the number of people that came to sacrament was improving this week. On saturday we went out early to learn how to prepare wa-kye from the young women's president. She even equipped us with the ingredients to try out ourselves. We were planning on doing that today. On sunday we had a good meeting with the Relief Society President that I think will better help the missionaries and the ward work together. We also had a really nice dinner with one of my recent converts, rice balls and groundnut soup, Elder Haggard's current favorite. This morning I woke up early and put my clothes in soap and water to soak before washing them. Next, I cleaned up all the kitchen and set up our brand new gas stove. Then I used all my remaining food to cook a delicious onion stew to eat with rice. Just as I was scooping out my rice onto my plate, the phone rings. President Smith, just calling to let me know I was being emergency transferred in 2 and a half hours to Teshie to white wash the area. So I have to first call some of my favorite people in Alajo to say goodbye. Then I take my clothes out of the water (unwashed) and eat my rice and stew. It was pretty easy for me to pack everything, I have a ton of space in my luggage. So then the APs come and pick me (and the rest of my stew) up to go to Teshie. When we get to Teshie I find that it is pretty much the whole district that got emergency transferred. Elder Collings (texas) came on Saturday to be the new district leader with a green missionary, Elder Malley (colorado) who is the only person who stayed in the apartment, and I and Elder Kanu (nigeria) arriving today. I find that they are cleaning the fridge so there is no where to put my stew. I find that my companion has zero left of his sub (he did bring along his own stew and rice). What I don't find is: any water (to wash or to drink), any gas (to cook with, oh and I just bought gas 3 days ago in Alajo), any bikes to ride (broken chain and a flat tire), any appointments, an updated area book, or any reason/story why the emergency transfer happened. I did find a map. Well I love you guys. I expect an interesting week and hope you guys have one too. I'm excited, this is likely my last area so I want to make it my best. Love, Elder Chambers

Monday, May 9, 2011

9 May 2011

Hey everybody. It was great talking to all of you on Mother's day (yesterday). It was nice to hear what you are all doing. A lot of things happened this week actually. First of all Elder Nielson and I were working hard finding people and teaching for commitment. We were blessed and found some really solid people and were able to extend a few baptismal dates as well. On Thursday night we also teamed up make no bake cookies. They tasted delicious, but were a bit expensive. On friday, Elder Nielson decided to call President Smith. He told him that he was falling in love with a girl in our ward and asked to be transferred. So that afternoon the APs came and picked him up and switched him with Elder Haggard who was at McCarthy Hills. So I'm with Elder Haggard now, since friday. He seems pretty cool and is liking his mission. He's from Oregon/Chicago and has been out since september last year. Anyway the real transfers are this wednesday so I don't know if he'll go somewhere else, or if I will, or what will happen. It seems like I'll probably be staying, though, since I can't really be showing Elder Haggard the whole area just tonight and tomorrow. On saturday we got stuck with the job of finding someone to come and pump out our septic tanks/cess pool. That was interesting. They filled the truck on Saturday and had to come back this morning to finish emptying the pit. They charged 250 ghana cedis. Sunday we had a nice day at church, some good lessons in the afternoon, and I got to talk to you guys! Love you so much. Love, Elder Chambers

Monday, May 2, 2011

2 May 2011

How's everybody doing? I hope you guys are all doing great. Happy birthday to Ellery! Hope you guys are getting ready for summer to come. On Saturday we had a baptism in the morning for Matilda and Barbara. We've been teaching them for a long time and it was good that they were finally able to be baptized this week. Other than that things were kind of tough this week. It's been hard trying to help new people to keep commitments. It seems like the work we are doing has been ineffective. Right now we don't have anyone progressing. So we'll be busy doing all the finding we can this week. On Sunday we had the opportunity of being able to watch conference at church. Unfortunately the power was out and the generator was broken so we started like an hour and a half late. I really liked the conference. We watched the saturday afternoon and I think the sunday morning sessions. It was a combined meeting we had with Tesano and Alajo wards. Too bad none of our investigators came to church on sunday. Well I love you guys a lot. This is the last week of transfer so we are going to work our hardest all week and see if anyone is transferred next week. Love, Elder Chambers