You've gotta love Africa

You've gotta love Africa
Elder Chambers and Elder Kivaya in Oda

Going to Save the World

Going to Save the World
Elder Donovan Chambers

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

27 December 2010

Hey everyone, it was so great to hear from you guys on Christmas. I miss you guys and can't wait to spend the next christmas with all of you. except donovan will probably be on his own mission by then. I love you guys and I'm sorry I don't have time to write more today. We are very late and just have a few minutes to check in tonight. We spent our time playing football (soccer) and then pounding and chopping (eating) fufu at the stake president's house for p-day. Love you all. Love, Elder Chambers

Monday, December 20, 2010

20 December 2010

Hey everyone, This week was pretty interesting/busy. First of all we had our Christmas Conference on Tuesday. It was pretty sweet. We had the whole mission come together. We started the day with a meeting that included hearing a talk by Dallin H. Oaks on why the church is true that he gave to mission presidents, our apartment winning the clean apartment award for our zone, and having a testimony meeting. Don't ask me how our apartment won the clean apartment award. The place is always a mess. On my camera I have a photo of a mushroom that sprouted in our sink... anyway we enjoyed the prize: homemade banana bread. After that meeting we had a great and most delicious lunch with the most high class of meals here in Ghana: rice and chicken. Following that we had a talent show that was very entertaining, but no one from our zone had any talents to share. Then to finish the day we heard from Elder Dickson in the africa west presidency and his wife Sis Dickson. They gave us some great talks about christmas. On Wednesday we had district meeting and then normal proselyting with Elder Maganda. Which isn't my favorite thing in the world. We had a quarrel when my bicycle broke and I said we'd have to walk and so he called the zone leaders. On thursday we had a zone training over planners and the area book and the zone leaders sat down and counseled Elder Maganda and I. He told them everything wrong about me that he's observed which was a little boring for me since I hear it multiple times a week. Then they tried their best to advise him and reason with him and asked us not to let any other missionaries know that we are having problems. Both these efforts were nice, but I think probably in vain. He's said that he's never going to change and his reputation is already infamous. Anyway all of this was not the most interesting thing to happen on thursday. What was, was when that night around 10 while Elder Maganda was cooking, Elder Nwachuku was washing, and I was updating the area book/sleeping, Elder Lemmneh took the keys and the phone and escaped. They woke me up and were like, "Elder Lemmneh's not in the apartment!" I was like what? that guy is crazy. President Smith told us to get outside and look for him, but just after we left he came back. So when we got back to the apartment and he was there. We were like are you crazy? what in the world were you thinking? He said that he wanted to go home, he was tired, the sun was too hot, he didn't know missionary work would be so hard. He didn't think President Smith would let him go home without breaking a rule so he went out and bought a phone and called his mom and came back. Well anyway to cut it short Friday Pres. Smith interviewed him, and yesterday the APs came and picked him up and he'll fly tonight I think. So now we are back as a trio, over both areas, and now with the added bonus of being with Elder Maganda. I'm looking forward to talking to you guys on Christmas. I'll probably call around 9pm here which i think is 4 or 5 pm where you guys are. I love you all! Enjoy the holidays! Merry Christmas! Love, Elder Chambers Oh I forgot to add that last night I made that chili you guys sent me. It was so delicious! Thanks so much. I gave the cheddar broccoli soup to Elder Maganda. I think he liked it. Love, Bradford

Monday, December 13, 2010

13 December 2010

Hey everyone I hope you guys are all doing well. On Tuesday of this week we had District meeting as normal and did our proselyting as usual. Wednesday and thursday were hot as usual and we did a lot of searching for new investigators. On Friday we had a service project. Our zone went to a big psychiatric hospital and mopped their kitchen for them. It was fun. The zone had made some t-shirts and we all wore those. They're pretty cool looking and have all our names on the back. Then we practiced singing the christmas song our zone is performing for the mission conference tomorrow. On Saturday we had a baptism for two of our candidates, Jessica and Joseph. They're both kids (Jessica's 8 and Joseph's 15) and their families were both really excited for them. The rest of saturday we spent at the apartment because elder maganda was sick. Except in the evening we went to the stake center to watch the christmas program. We are preparing for the mission/christmas conference tomorrow. It should be a lot of fun. Well, talk to you guys next week. Love, Elder Chambers

Monday, December 6, 2010

6 December 2010

Hey guys, I hope you guys are all doing swell. We're a bit late to the cafe today so this'll have to be somehow short. This pass week was fine I guess. We spent a lot of time teaching the lessons to prepare two kids for their baptismal interviews on sunday. One was a bit tricky because he can't really speak english that well, but his sister was able to be a big help. The other was really easy to do because she reads english perfectly and has been coming to church for like the past 2 years, and her sister was a big help as well. On thursday we had a zone meeting that was teaching us about how to begin teaching and how to better help people keep commitments. It's still hot and Elder Maganda is still giving me a hard time, but on the book of mormon is still true. Love you guys a ton. Enjoy the christmas season. I can hardly even remember that it's December here.