You've gotta love Africa

You've gotta love Africa
Elder Chambers and Elder Kivaya in Oda

Going to Save the World

Going to Save the World
Elder Donovan Chambers

Monday, March 28, 2011

Here are two more pictures that I found of Bradford on Facebook. This one is Bradford and Elder Ewudzie. They were together in New Legon. Elder Ewudzie was Bradford's trainer and he goes home this week. On Facebook this was titled "divine companions". This one is Elder Chambers with Elder Owusu. I think this picture was take at the same time.

28 March 2011

This week was pretty hot for us. The sun was nearly burning me through my shirt. I hope you guys are doing great. This week was pretty nice for us. We did the usual teaching and finding. We had a baptism for Gideon and Bernice on Saturday and they were confirmed yesterday. The baptism was a little disappointing because the members didn't come much including the ward mission leader and auxiliary leaders. I'm grateful the Bishop came even if he was a little late. One of Elder Asiedu's and Elder Hunsaker's candidates also decided she wouldn't be baptized because of all the pressure her family was giving her to quit the church so that was also sad. This was Elder Asiedu's last week so he was the baptist for us. He'll be leaving tomorrow for the mission home. Transfers will be this week. I've spent 5 transfers here in Alajo and I have 5 transfers left before I go home. I'm not sure whether I'm hoping to go or stay. I'll really miss the people in this area if I go and it looks like we can have a lot of success in the next 6 weeks. If I stay though I'll be feeling like I've already contacted every person in the area. So I guess I'll be happy whatever happens. Or else sad whatever happens. In our district their will a least be some changes since Elder Asiedu is going home and Elder Berry is going to be the new AP. That means Elder Hunsaker will have a new companion and we'll all have a new zone leader and a new district leader. Well love you guys. Take care and stay cool. Love, Elder Chambers

Monday, March 21, 2011

21 March 2011

Hey everyone. How are you guys doing? I love you guys and hope you had a great week. For Elder Moses and I things went smoothly. We had a good week and worked hard. The sun was a bit too bright though. Our investigators are really progressing. A lot came to church and a lot have a baptismal date. Two were interviewed on Sunday, Bernice and Gideon. Bernice is a really nice lady who has separated from her husband and is raising five kids. When we contacted her last month she had been praying that God would help her to find a new church. I've really like teaching her. This morning Elder Moses and I went into Accra to the big market (Makola) to buy some new shirts. The last time I was there was with Elder Ewudzie back when I was in New Legon. By the way, Elder Ewudzie is going home next week. I bought three shirts for 10 cedis. Well I love you guys a lot. Hope you have a good week. Love, Elder Chambers

Monday, March 14, 2011

14 March 2011

How's everybody doing? I was thinking about how the week was today and I think the best word for it was old. This week we didn't get many new investigators, and no new baptismal dates, and no new people at church. It was still a good week though. We had a lot of good lessons and not too much in the way of discouragement. We did splits on Thursday with Elder Asiedu and Elder Hunsaker and on Friday we had a zone conference. The zone conference was really good. We had instruction on doing companionship inventory and on having faith in our areas. President Smith said he's been getting too many calls for transfers because of people complaining about their companions or their areas. We also learned about asking inspired questions. Well I love you guys a ton. Love, Elder Chambers

Monday, March 7, 2011

7 March 2011

Hey everyone how are you guys doing? I hope everything is well with you. This week was just the normal activities. Tuesday to Thursday it seemed like every single teaching appointment we had failed so on Friday and Saturday we worked like crazy to try and achieve all of the goals we'd set for the week. Our next meeting that we'll have is our zone conference this week. We'll have that on Friday. We are preparing about five people for baptism at the end of this month so your prayers will be very welcome. The first one is named Barbara and she's preparing for the 19th. It's been a bit of a struggle teaching her because she'll interrupt the lessons with all sorts of weird questions and not waiting for any answers. It's funny sometimes, but she really feels like she's found the true church so she's very enthusiastic. Well I love you guys a lot, sorry I didn't write much today, but not much has happened this week. Love, Elder Chambers