You've gotta love Africa

You've gotta love Africa
Elder Chambers and Elder Kivaya in Oda

Going to Save the World

Going to Save the World
Elder Donovan Chambers

Monday, February 25, 2013

25 February 2013

well, i made it through transfers again unscathed. elder bloomfield will continue to work together in our two wards out here in Pahrump. im very glad about that :)

nicole also made it through the week unscathed! shes made it two whole weeks without smoking. good good stuff!

work wise, the week was kinda slow. not sure why, just seems to work out that everyone is too busy all in the same week. that and i was kinda sick for a few days. but we did have a really great first lesson with a very nice lady. josh was baptized about 9 months ago and his mom recently started reading the Book of Mormon and she had a few questions. josh has been being a great missionary to his mom and we had a great lesson teaching her about where the book of mormon came from and why its so important. later, after the lesson, josh told us she really enjoyed the lesson and "cant wait" for our next one.

other big news this week: the announced who our new mission president will be starting in july. his name is Michael Ahlander from Orem Utah. he'll only be my mission president for one transfer, but its still kind of exciting to find out who will be coming.

not much else to report out here. life is good. God is great.

elder donovan:)

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

18 February 2013

tuesday, wednesday, and thursday were full of meetings. nothing too exciting. although thursday's meeting was pretty fun. it was with all the trainers and their new missionaries. they took all the new missionaries into one room, all the trainers into another and he talked about all the problems were having with our companions lol. i didnt have anything to add to the discussion but it was funny to listen to everyone complain. lots of whiners. elder bloomfield said it was the same thing in his meeting lol. im just glad ive got a good companion in an area where we are busy.

friday we had a great baptism for travis! Travis is the man. hes a junior in high school and is super excited about the gospel. recently hes been asking about serving a mission :) i sure hope he keeps at it. hes being a great example to his family.

saturday was full of digging holes and moving people and knocking on doors. it felt good to get back out knocking after a few days full of only meetings and studying.

OH YEAH! and nicole has gone a week without smoking!!!! she was so excited to tell us. when she saw us at church she gave us a big hug and then did a little dance haha. we told her to keep it up!!!!!!!

so between travis and nicole i had a great week. people are getting better and coming closer to Christ and thats what its all about :)

i hope y'all had as good of a week as i did :)

elder donovan

Monday, February 11, 2013

11 February 2013

im really tired. i wasnt even this tired when i was riding a bike. i think a year and a half of no naps is catching up to me.

this week was pretty slow (well i guess its only been half a week since i talked to you last) big things this week though. meeting tues, wed, thurs. wed/thurs are in vegas, and then friday we have a baptism! so that basically means we're scheduled full all week and we havent even started the week yet. its nice to have things to do to keep us busy.

remember to be excited about the blessings we have! randy called the class to repentance this past week (randy is the man!)
the lesson was not very exciting, so randy raised his hand and said "i think something is wrong with me" of course the teacher asked what he meant, randy went on "when i was baptized i FELT CLEAN! when i was confirmed, i FELT the Holy Spirit going into my body. This is real stuff! but i feel like im the only one that is excited about it!" lets try to remember how great God is, and then lets act like it! life is good. God is watching out for us. how could we truly get any better off than having Jesus Christ as an Older Brother and God as our Heavenly Father?

i love you all, hopefully you have a wonderful week :) im going make sure that i do :)

-elder donovan

Thursday, February 7, 2013

6 February 2013

not sure what happened this week. we've been super busy, running all over town, talking to lots of people but when i sit down to write you about what we did i cant think of it. on temple weeks, when i dont get to email until wednesday i lose track of what i have already written you about.

we helped randy move again. hopefully for the last time (this is the 3rd time i have moved him). luckily he stayed close so we'll still be able to see him often.

monday we had a really great day of teaching! we finally were able to have a lesson with Vicki (she has been in and out of the hospital) and the lesson went super well. she was excited to hear what we had to teach. she excited to come to church this week and excited to keep learning more! the real challenge will be getting her boyfriend excited too.

yesterday we went down to vegas for a meeting with the zone. its about an hour drive there and back, so that was most of our day. by the time we got back home all we had time to do was eat dinner and study (they put a big emphasis on making sure we get our full study time in, especially when one of the missionaries is new).

today we road-tripped over to the temple (1:30-1:45 min drive) and had a great time. i learned a lot and it is always good to see some other missionaries other than us Pahrumpians.

next week we are going down to vegas twice for a couple meetings and hopefully (crossing my fingers) we will be having a baptism!

the rest of this week is full of teaching appointments and doing service for people.

pahrump is the place everyone wants to be assigned to work, and its becoming better and better :)

Have a wonderful week!!!!!!!!!

elder donovan :)