You've gotta love Africa

You've gotta love Africa
Elder Chambers and Elder Kivaya in Oda

Going to Save the World

Going to Save the World
Elder Donovan Chambers

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

28 November 2012

i can never remember what i told you last week so i always feel like i'm repeating myself. especially this week because its wednesday not monday.

big things thats happened last week:

thanksgiving: no one got hurt at turkey bowl. except for our pride. we lost all four of our games. this experience sums up our day: i threw the ball to one of my teammates, it bounced off his head, the other team caught it and ran it back for a touchdown. haha, oh well. we had fun! and we had plenty of food to make us feel better.

another member of our zone went home :( he had diabetes and it was getting uncontrollable, so he had to go home. so for the next two weeks i'll be in a trio.

in the Samoan ward, this young girl has been coming to church for awhile but we haven't been able to teach her yet because her grandma wont let us. Well, her grandma finally gave the go ahead! so we'll be able to start teaching her soon!!! we're pretty psyched about it.

other than that, not much is going on. all our wards (4 of them now) have christmas parties coming up. usually the christmas season makes it pretty hard for us to actually sit down and teach people, but im hoping it will be a good time to find people that may be interested come the new year.

this is something i've been thinking about this week:
"a tree falls the way it leans"
-the lorax

lets make sure we're all leaning towards a nice place to fall.

love you all!
-elder donovan

Monday, November 19, 2012

19 November 2012

the big event this past week was the mission tour. Elder Echo Hawk came and taught us. we told us his conversion story and about how his missionaries did and did not help him, the thing that stood out to me was, even 50 years later, he is super grateful to the missionaries that taught him the Gospel! that was pretty cool to see. hopefully i can help someone like that.

the east side elders baptized a family of 3 into the Samoan ward on saturday. the baptism was great!

im really looking forward to thanksgiving and then christmas! as soon as thanksgiving passes, we're gonna go caroling/tracting. it'll be great :) it is a little weird to carol in short sleeves though.

on thanksgiving we will play football in the morning and then hang out/eat/play games with some members. it will be awesome!

i'll have more updates/stories next week, this week was kinda slow though. oh yeah, next week i'll be emailing on wednesday cause its a temple week for us :)

srry this email is short.


elder donovan

ps. 36 days till christmas!

Thursday, November 15, 2012

12 November 2012

my former enthusiasm for winning the turkey bowl is gone. nobody on our team can catch. or play defense. its cool though, it'll still be fun. losin aint gonna bring me down :)

so i think this time we actually have someone to teach! her name is Joanne. she just moved here from Washington. she had mormon friends there and came to church on her own because her friends have been so good to her. the next trick is getting her address. shes trying to hide from us. she doesnt know she wants us to teach her yet.

on sunday we got to go to the Smith Performing Arts Center (super nice new theater in town) and watch a youth symphony and choir. they were really really good. the show was about pioneers and their journey west. we sat front row which was a little ridiculous, but kinda fun, cause i got to watch the orchestra closely. it was quite fun!

on wednesday we have our "mission tour" elder Echo Hawk will be here to teach us. should be fun! its always fun to get together with the other missionaries!

now that its winter it feels like fall here :)

i hope everyone is as excited about the holidays as i am :)

oh yeah, this week we moved in with two other elders. basically so we can babysit them more closely. its all good. being in a 4 man apartment is kinda fun.

i think thats all i've got this week.

have a wonderful thanksgiving-eve-week!

elder donovan

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

5 November 2012

not a lot happened this week it seems. wednesday was really fun so i'll tell you about that. in the morning we had our monthly meeting with all the zone leaders to talk about whats going on in the mission. it was ok. nothing special, but not the usual ridiculousness that sometimes happens in planning meetings. but after that we had a zone leader tie trade. it was legit. im talking 18 missionaries with probably around1200 ties. it was chaos! President Black didnt understand what he was saying yes to when he gave us permission to do it lol. then after that the WHOLE mission got together for a dinner and talent show. it was super cool. that was the first time in at least the past 3 years that the whole mission has been together in the same place at the same time. there were a lot of good talents too. the usual singing/guitar or singing/piano but also juggling, yo-yo, funny skits, some trash can drumming. it was a lot of fun.

and then the next day president black came over to our place and did our weekly planning with us (we do weekly planning once a week, usually for a couple hours, just planning for the next week and setting goals/talking about things we need to work on) it was cool to have president over for a couple hours, just to bounce ideas off of him, get to know him a little bit outside of a meeting atmosphere.

we're still working on finding people to teach. hopefully it happens soon. im about to start teaching the pigeons on the sidewalk, maybe they'll listen. :)

our turkey bowl uniforms are tight! i'll send a pic when we have the finished product done.

make sure you vote!

elder donovan