You've gotta love Africa

You've gotta love Africa
Elder Chambers and Elder Kivaya in Oda

Going to Save the World

Going to Save the World
Elder Donovan Chambers

Monday, September 26, 2011

26 September 2011

Im just gonna give a run down of the ppl we've been meeting with:
Gary (60's): had surgery on his foot but wants to get baptized as soon as he is medically able. We like to stop by and visit him and his wife. on saturday we cut down a tree for them (that was way fun!) and then they fed us breakfast. they are feeding us dinner tonight :)
Brother Wood (60): has been investigating the church for 10 years. after a great lesson with him on Tuesday he now is to the point where he wants to be baptized! he just needs to come to church 3 times and then we'll be able to set him up with a baptismal date! problem is he works every sunday, so we've been fasting and praying for him to get a chance to go to church! God willing, something will happen soon, he'll get off work, come to church, and be baptized soon after! him and Gary are good friends.
Ray-T (18): Ive never taught her, she is hoping to get baptized on October 15. Her mom doesnt want her to get baptized as is pretty anti-mormon. we'll see how that goes.
Jessica (28): She is getting married on Oct 22 and will hopefully be baptized on Oct 29. she came to church for the first time yesterday and said she really enjoyed it :)
Matt (20's): we had dinner cancel on us last week, so that person found a replacement to feed us (very nice of them). when we got to dinner the y had their non-member friend there! We ate dinner, chatted about biology (hes a biologist), and then we taught him a lesson after! hes a born again christian, and so they are usually pretty hard core and somewhat anti. but he listened to us and agreed to read the book of mormon and pray about it. we called him about 5 days after we taught him and he was already half way done with the BoM! so he's gonna finish (which is sweet!) and then hopefully we'll get to teach him again. His friends that fed us dinner are pretty excited!
Chris (late 30's): elementary school teacher, looked into the church before. he is really interested in raising his future children in the church! we're really excited about teaching him! He agreed to work towards baptism.
Chris's wife (30's): Chris wants her to join the church with him. We've only met her once. we dont think shes very interested. we're kinda worried that shes gonna mess things up for Chris
Yuki (60's): we've only talked to her on the phone for the past couple weeks, shes been pretty busy. Shes gonna be out of town this week, hopefully when she comes back she'll still want to talk to us! She doesnt understand a lot of the Doctrines and will be a work in progress for awhile i think
Carey (80's): This is the sick lady we were teaching. She passed away this week. It's nice to know she is not in pain any more.
Transfers are coming up in about 3 weeks and all these baptisms will hit probably in 4 or 5 weeks, so Elder M is really hoping he gets to stay here next transfer. Hes already been here for about 7 months so he's pretty worried hes gonna be moving.
we're planning an big Luau and church tour for october 14th. it might fail though because our ward leaders are slackers and keep failing on their commitments.
I dont think i broke any laws this week.
We say this kid riding his bike with his friend riding on his pegs. they were about 10 years old. Marks and I were joking about how that wasnt safe and then they crashed into the grass. We laughed a lot. they were ok.
In testimonies meeting (i call it testimonies meetings now, because there are usually more than one testimony in it) yesterday a 16 year old girl got up and bore her "testimony" about how she was thankful she went to the church activity because she got to watch Jimmy eat 12 hot dogs and she ate a whole package of mozzarella cheese. that was pretty funny, we had to try and control our laughter b/c, as missionaries, we're supposed to behave ourselves lol.
Anyone who wrote me a letter, i'll write you one back asap :)
The temperature here has been close to 100 all week. one day we hit 104. I'm missin fall weather and changing leaves and football! I heard both BYU and OSU won on saturday, but they both got stomped the week before. Im glad I have better/ more exciting things to worry about than my lame football teams.
Thanks for all the love and prayers (im assuming yall love and pray for me :P)
Elder Donovan :)

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