You've gotta love Africa

You've gotta love Africa
Elder Chambers and Elder Kivaya in Oda

Going to Save the World

Going to Save the World
Elder Donovan Chambers

Monday, September 26, 2011

26 September 2011

Hey everybody! Hope you guys are all doing great. I love you guys so much. I was able to get the cheesecake. It was delicious! Thanks for everything.

Anyway so the most exciting news is that on tuesday Pres. Judd called to tell me that I'm going on transfer on friday. He asked me to come and be the district leader in Mamponse. So that's where I am now and I guess where I'll stay until I go home. On Tuesday we had a lot of struggle to help Joel Gyan get to his baptism interview. He stays about a 35 min bike ride from the chapel. We were waiting for him at the chapel when he called us that he didn't have any transportation there. So we had to ride to his house and take him to the ward mission leader's house and borrow a bicycle so that the three of us could ride back to the chapel. So I'm hoping on Saturday everything went well with the baptism.

 This week I also had a lot of great experiences teaching with the Book of Mormon. On Wednesday Elder Sesay and I were tired and by 8:30 we were feeling ready to go home and have dinner. We decided to call our last appointment half hoping she'd cancel on us. When we called her the call was cut and when we tried to call back the phone was off. We decided to go ahead and see her anyway. When we got there she had had a pretty rough day and was feeling sick. We were inspired to share 2 Nephi 4:15-35 with her. She was reluctant at first, but as we read she really got into it and was cheered up by it a lot. I really felt the spirit strongly myself as I read vss. 27-29. They were really important to me. The second experience was the day I was leaving Teshie. We went to see a woman who we had taught for a long time, but we had to stop teaching her because she couldn't come to the church on Sundays. Since I was saying goodbye to her we told her we'd read Nephi's farewell from 2 Nephi 33. The scriptures really touched hey and she was a bit choked up by all the spirit. She told us that the other day her husband had said if she wants to start coming to the church it is ok. She promised that she'll start coming. She was so happy that day and said she was sorry that I'm going to miss here family's baptisms.

When I came here to Mamponse I was really encouraged by all the Elders in the apartment. My new/old companion is Elder Maloni (if you can remember he was my companion on my birthday last year in Alajo). I'm really excited to be back with him. He is a hard worker, and that seems true of Elder Succo and Elder Treu as well. They are both from Utah, and they are both new missionaries. Elder Succo is 3 months and is training Elder Treu who is 1 month. All of us are teaching mostly newer investigators. We had a baptism for one woman on Saturday. Her husband is a recent convert and as a priest he did a great job performing the baptism. Her name is Theresa Azumah. We had to fill the font for her twice. When we filled it on Friday night we forgot to close the drain and the water escaped. I love you guys and I'm excited to finish my mission strong. President Judd is always asking us to sprint to the finish.

Love you guys.
Love, Elder Chambers

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