You've gotta love Africa

You've gotta love Africa
Elder Chambers and Elder Kivaya in Oda

Going to Save the World

Going to Save the World
Elder Donovan Chambers

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

12 September 2011

first of all, i have been severely lacking on mail, and emails. so step it up :) anyone can write me, or email me, or even DearElder me. there are lots of options. so hit me up, i'll write you back :)

other than that im doing really well :) elder b left on friday, so now its just me and elder m. we're doin work! V got baptized on Wednesday, and we've got got 4 other ppl that are close. mostly we teach lessons and contact ppl we've already met. we do some tracting, but its usually only about an hour a day, mostly to fill time and rack up blessings ;) Someone called us on friday and said they knew an old lady that wanted to get baptized! so we were psyched! we ran home, changed into our nicest clothes to impress this woman and ran through a couple of scenarios for different lessons we could teach (we didnt want to mess this up). so we got to her house, we were pretty excited to teach her. and then we found at that she was completely bed ridden. and almost completely unresponsive. we were like uhhhhhhhh.... what are we supposed to do!?! she didnt even have enough energy to open her eyes or answer any of our questions. a few times we actually thought she was asleep. Its pretty sad, but we cant do much for her :/ i guess it was just a bad day for her, so we're gonna go back and try again, but we'll see.

today we went to and played tennis. it was pretty fun! its pretty much always sunny here so thats nice. (i think its about 90 degrees here today.) once we got to the tennis courts everything went down hill. im not very good at tennis, cause ive only play like 4 times, so i was trying to hit a ball that bounced close to my feet and i accidentally hit myself in the forehead with my racket lol. long story short, i cracked my head open and now i have 13 stitches in my forehead lol. it'll heal up fine, and i'll finally have that cool face scar ive always wanted! for right now im just telling ppl i got hit by a car lol.

on sundays we go to 3 sacrament meetings, and 3 correlation meetings. we actually end up at the church building from 8am until 5pm. its kinda dumb, but we need the members help with finding ppl, so thats what we've got to do! in our 3 wards combined, there were probably 800 members at church on sunday. and i know maybe 20 of them lol. thats ok, i'll keep learning em, and if all else fails, i can call anyone "brother" or "sister" and get away with it lol.

Anyway, thats about all thats up with me. my companions cool and so are the rest of the missionaries we work with. alls well in Vegas and it feels like ive been here for a lot longer than a week lol. if you want to know anything else, you'll have to send me an email/letter and tell me what your up to, and then i'll answer your questions :P

Love you all, Elder Donovan Chambers :)

ps that whole cracking my head open with a tennis racket was a lie. i have no stitches in my forehead. anyone who believed that i am that uncoordinated, SHAME ON YOU

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