You've gotta love Africa

You've gotta love Africa
Elder Chambers and Elder Kivaya in Oda

Going to Save the World

Going to Save the World
Elder Donovan Chambers

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

7 May 2012

so, as good as last week was, this week didnt live up to the hype. we'll start with the bad stuff that happened and then i'll tell you the good stuff :)

friday, coming home from a lesson, i crashed my bike. hard. i figure i went from over 20mph to stopped in about 20 feet lol. what happened was we were racing home, i was winning, but i didnt swing my turn wide enough. so i took the turn too tight and obviously too fast and my bike slid. as it slid, due to the sheer momentum that was trying to change direction, the wheel actually bent. that caused problems. i flew off. tearing my pants and shirt. scraping both my arms, one has a big bump/bruise, scraping both my knees, and hitting my head on the curb. my helmet actually cracked and i got a bruise on my forehead THROUGH my helmet. fortunately, all my wounds were external and will all heal :) and i acquired a new wheel for my bike, so that too will heal :)

even worse than that though: we received a text message from teresa on sunday morning. she told us that she couldnt live up to the standards of the church and therefore she wouldnt be attending church or studying with us anymore because she didnt want to be a hypocrite. we of course texted her right back and told her that none of us are perfect and that the gospel is only about progressing! she never responded. so yeah, that kinda hurts. but we'll keep trying her!

and i think i told y'all about chris and ashley+ 5 kids on wednesday. all is still good with them, we are going to have another lesson with them tomorrow :)

coming up this week:
i will find out if im getting transferred or not. along with that i will find out what mission i will be in and who my mission president will be for the next year. wherever i get sent i'll be happy :) i would like a car area though

elder justice, mendez, and i are singing in their ward talent show. i wanted to do a cool song, like a missionary rap or something, but they chose a hymn

and of course on sunday i get to call home :) super excited for that!

i hope this message finds you all happy and doing well. if not, get happy and well :P

elder donovan :)

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  1. Donovan:

    I'm not very familiar with blogs and therefore do not know whether you will ever see this. It's kind of nice to read about your mission. It sounds like your mind and heart are in the right place. Just let your companion win the bike race next time. It will make him feel better and you might feel better too. I got to see your family last week in Ohio. They seem well. Your father and I went over to Indiana to run our race. I am very fortunate. I could not have a better brother. Keep up the Lord's work. You will probably never know the full the full impact of what you are doing unless or until you enter the Celestial Kingdom. Hello from you Arizona family.

    Uncle Bryan