You've gotta love Africa

You've gotta love Africa
Elder Chambers and Elder Kivaya in Oda

Going to Save the World

Going to Save the World
Elder Donovan Chambers

Monday, December 3, 2012

4 December 2012

i reached two milestones in my mission this week :)

1. (im not sure if i told you this one yet or not) i was able to go back to my first area and see the Woods family. Brother Wood has been baptized for about 9 months now and has been progressing so well that it was time for him to become an Elder in the priesthood.  it was wonderful to see him and be able to talk with him about how his life and his marriage are so much better than they were before he was baptized. they are doing so well and it was great to see. i miss those people!

2. (im STILL debating telling you this story, but it was a big part of my week)(if you are pregnant or have a history of heart problems (or are my mother) please do not read this lol) i wa knocking on doors this week with a couple of other missionaries. as we usually do, we were taking turns every other door. it came time for a new missionary to make a contact at the next door. he was nervous to begin with, but you should have seen how nervous he was when a man threw open the door pointing a hand gun at us! (no joke) i think we all kind of stood there with shocked looks on our faces (our usual door approaches do not work in this situation lol) he stood there for probably 10-15 seconds as this man swore at us. he then slammed the door and we left the street very quickly! the ironic thing was that just a few dors before we talked to a nice man that told us we would probably have some luck because this was a "very nice peaceful street". not quite. we wanted to go back and warn him about his crazy neighbor lol. but dont worry! this was the first and probably last time this will happen. my area is a very nice part of town.

in other news, the girl in the samoan ward that we thought was ready to have us teach her is in fact not ready. since everyone in that ward is related we get different stories from all her aunts.

transfers are a week from today, so i will get a new companion then and we will no longer be in a trio. that will be very nice. trios are inefficient.

thats all ive got this week. hopefully all is well with everyone! 22 days till christmas :)

elder donovan

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