You've gotta love Africa

You've gotta love Africa
Elder Chambers and Elder Kivaya in Oda

Going to Save the World

Going to Save the World
Elder Donovan Chambers

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

2 July 2012

so far so good here :) elder parker is great! hes from rigby idaho, went to utah state for a year and is studying graphic design. and he's already a pro missionary! a little nervous, but he'll get over that quickly. our ward isnt huge and there isnt a lot of missionary work going on. this past week we only taught 4 lessons, i feel bad because elder parker needs as much practice teaching as we can find, but right now theres not very much. it'll get better soon though, we've got some things in the works. our ward mission leader is crazy. he is an uber business man and runs everything like its a business meeting, including flow charts and inspirational quotes from historic leaders lol. hes good though! he'll make sure everyone in the ward is doing everything they can to find people for us to teach. i think we are already seeing the fruits.

we are living in a members home, the browns. they are nice nice people and have been in the ward for awhile so they know the area well. they have a small house and we live in a side room. today we are going to set up our bunk beds, its a good set up. its a pretty rural area, lots of dirt roads and empty lots and horses. but not far from the city, just on the edge of the more developed part. im loving this part of the area!! its still the desert, but it's nicer than paved/developed everywhere.

having one ward is nice so far, except that our ward mission leader kept us running around all day yesterday, going to meetings with different leaders in the ward, it was pretty ridiculous, he made it so we didn't get our study time! and then he was trying to tell us to cut our p-day short, like end it at noon instead of 6pm. haha, yeah right. im all for working hard during the week, and we will! we'll work our butts off, but we are going to take full advantage of our pdays :) we hiked part way up a mountain (we started on the wrong side and the trail was silly steep!) and played some sand volley ball this morning. who knows what this afternoon will bring. elder parker likes adventures almost as much as i do, so im sure we'll find some fun.

ohhh yeah!!!!!!!!!!! and elder christensen called me and told me that scott and espiranza are scheduled to be baptized on july 21st!!!!!!!!! so cool! they are great people! im excited to go back and see them!

36 days till my birthday, 45 days till my year mark :) cool stuff! although, i dont think im done being a teenager yet.

aaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnnnnnnddddddddddd, we got a car! they will most likely take it away from us around september when the mission has more missionaries, but for now everyone has a car :) we got a 2012 corolla, when we got it it had 13 miles on it! and it has blue tooth! every time someone calls us on it we feel super cool!

all is well here, we just need more people to teach! its kinda tough because not a lot of people actually live in our area, we're are probably going to have to do a lot of passing people of to other missionaries, which is always lame, but we'll see what happens. being a trainer is just as much fun as i imagined, probably because elder parker isnt a weirdo. lol

hope all is well for you!
your favorite missionary :)

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